Sexy strong massage therapist

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How is a professional massage supposed to feel? Is it a feel-good sensation? Is it a sensual feeling? Is it a blissful feeling? Is it a clinical experience? Is it a healing experience? Is it a relaxing feeling? Is a sensual massage unprofessional by definition? By its most literal definition, massage is a sensual experience. It is perceived through our senses. It makes you feel good, relaxed, peaceful, blissful. It is meant to be pleasing to the senses.

And lots of people love to be pampered and blissed out and feel like they are walking on clouds after the session. If you ask a professional therapist for a sensual massage, that will be the end of the conversation. The problem arises with the fact that most people do not clearly distinguish between sensuality and sexuality. The distinction is quite simple:. This is certainly the case with massage. And this is also what sets massage apart from medical and clinical environments which are generally not pleasing to the senses at all.

While that keeps them in safe territory, it also denies or downplays the fact that massage is in fact a sensual experience — as in pleasing to our sense of touch. Most of our clients do want to experience this aspect — the enjoyment of being touched. After all, how many massage clients have the intention of NOT feeling great in their session?

Do we, as therapists, provide a pleasing or sensual experience to clients, or do we withhold it because we are worried that it might be misinterpreted? Once I was in the famous Gellert spa in Budapest, Hungary. I ed up for a massage, and for one hour a big and strong masseur went about pummeling me, slapping me, yanking me, and brushing me. It was not a pleasant experience at all. It felt more rough or even brutal than pleasant. I tried to convince myself that it had to be therapeutic somehow.

I figured there must be something good about it since the Gellert is a world-famous spa. When I went back home, I booked a massage with a long-term friend of mine. She has a peaceful and beautifully decorated treatment room. Aroma oils are being diffused, candles are burning, soothing music is playing, and she has an absolutely wonderful touch. It is an environment that is highly appealing to all the senses. Personally, I would choose this type of setting over the Gellert any time. She went to great lengths to provide an environment that is pleasing to the senses. And she is highly professional and always booked.

People love her and her massage. Anyone who was ever touched by her will always remember her beautiful, sensual, loving, and totally professional touch. She has a wonderful reputation — not just because of her skills, but because of the pleasing environment which she created. In contrast, all I remember about the Gellert therapist is that he was big and strong, and that I was glad when the massage was over.

I told myself that it must have been good for me, but in the case of my therapist friend, I did not need to convince myself. As far as I am concerned, I have decided to live up to my truth in my professional Thai Massage practice. I love to receive massage that feels sensual as in wonderful and is professional at the same time. When the therapist is totally clear in his or her mind about the distinction between the sensuality versus the sexuality in massage , then in my experience it will never be an issue for the client either.

But they are not the primary reasons why most people treat themselves to a massage session. Why do massage spas play soothing music, put flowers in the room, decorate the rooms tastefully, and use aroma oil diffusers? Because all of these appeal to the senses — to our sense of sight, smell, sound, and touch. They are sensual experiences, and they add to a good massage experience. Considering this, it is a paradox to claim that massage is not a sensual experience — because it is! AND it can be professional and therapeutic at the same time.

There is no conflict here. Our clients trust us when we are clear, clean, confident, and transparent. Can a professional massage be sensual? Maybe I should rephrase the question: How can professional and high quality massage not be sensual? At Thai Healing Massage Academy we teach professional Thai Massage online training courses which cover many therapeutic applications. And we recognize that a supportive healing environment is best created if the client is relaxed, feels good, and enjoys the session.

In the hands of the right therapist, Thai Massage can be a beautiful and highly effective healing art. If you are interested in learning more about it, check out our extensive online training library:. The author, Shama Kern, has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for over two decades.

He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 professional online Thai Massage training courses. What Conditions Can Thai Massage treat? Gordon Inkeles has not only mastered the art of massage, but he is a master teacher. His descriptions and instructions are superb. Tasteful nude photographs and detailed drawings of muscles and tendons illustrate each technique.

Each step of the massage is easy to understand and duplicate. One evening of review allowed me to confidently provide my wife an hour of stress relieving massage. The next hour was one of the most sensual of our year marriage. We had truly forgotten how much stress interferes with intimacy. Not only is it therapeutic, it is extremely sensual. When mom and dad are more relaxed and romantic, the children benefit also.

One final note regarding the nude photographs: while there is full frontal nudity, it is not senseless nudity. The photographs demonstrate the text. It would be difficult for me to duplicate the techniques from simply reading the text or studying drawings. Many couples would be much better off if they would implement such a massage in their relationships. Thanks for your input! A few days ago I had a deep tissue massage from a woman here in my small town in Australia.

She had strong fingers and managed to find some really crunchy things in my muscles particularly in my neck and shoulders. I usually go for a pretty sensual Huna massage. When I walk out of the Huna I can feel very relaxed and its like I am walking a couple of inches above the ground. The deep tissue was a bit painful, but I could feel that she had the skills to release a lot of tension that I had built up.

A day later I could feel the difference, better than the Huna. So its horses for courses. I believe there is no one style of massage which is ideal for everyone. Therapeutic can be good, and sensual can be good.

It depends on your body and the skill of the masseur. Good to hear from you again, Graham! Sure, no massage works well for everyone. Sometimes I just need a relax massage, just for the pleasant sensual feeling, and sometimes I need a more therapeutic session, and I always appreciate the fact that there are so many options and therapies to choose from. As far as I am concerned, the more the better.

Sexy strong massage therapist

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How Much Can A Professional Massage Be Pleasing To The Senses?