Seeking gftennis partner

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Here is a list of 13 resources and tools you can use to find the perfect hitting partner:. Ask to speak with a coach or director from your local tennis clubs. Let them know what your level of play is beginner , intermediate, advanced, 2. The staff-member will generally be delighted to have someone that their students can practice with. The coach may even ask you to hit in with the student during a lesson. Not too shabby! Tournaments are a great place to find similar and higher-level players who you can train with. I have met a ton of my training partners through tournaments, simply by saying hi, complementing how they play, and exchanging phone s.

This is my favorite place to find players, because they are all competing at a high-level and want to get better, just like I do. Playing in the USTA leagues have been one of the best experiences in my tennis career. I have met tons of awesome people, practices with many of them, and traveled to great locations during the postseason. USTA Leagues are a bit more relaxed than normal tournaments, so it is an easy way to connect with people and find hitting partners. The best bet here is to include several tearable not to be confused with terrible!

If you have any privacy concerns use this at your own risk! Normally at least a couple of these slips are taken from the posting. Facebook and Linkedin groups are a great resource for finding like-minded tennis players and coaches. I am a member of the Competitive Tennis Coaches group on Facebook, which fosters a lot of great discussion. Several of my guests on The Tennis Files Podcast are also members of this group. An example of another great Facebook group with eager tennis players is Tennisopolis also see 10 below.

If you can find a local tennis group, you will have a solid of people who you can connect and play tennis with. No group? Create one! And invite players to ! Tons of tennis partners right at your finger tips to connect and play with!! Tennis Round makes it easy to find players to hit with near your area. Other features on Tennis Round including reporting your scores, accumulating points, and seeing of other players on the site.

I have been contacted and have reached out to players with Tennis Round. Definitely worth a look! Global Tennis Network helps you connect with other tennis players, and even lets you search tennis courts around your area! You can find tennis leagues, ladders, and tournaments on the Global Tennis Network too. Another neat tool that you should check out if you want to find tennis partners over the internet. Head over to PlayTennis to find a tennis partner by zip code. I tested this one out and noticed a couple players that I know on the search list.

Another decent resource for finding a hitting partner. On top of that, you can also find coaches, courts, programs clinics , and even tennis stores at PlayTennis. To contact players, you need to up, which is free. Tennisopolis currently has a network of over 51, tennis players around the globe. You can up and its network for free to view the profiles of other members.

There are also over tennis partner groups on Tennisopolis! Hopefully one of the tennis partner groups is local to you. in on the fun and find a tennis partner at Tennisopolis! Once you are ed up free , you can post a thread asking to find a player to hit with.

Because of the anonymity, once again, proceed at your own risk! I have heard many people find hitting partners this way. Pulse Play is a new tennis smartwatch and app co-founded by multiple grand slam champion Andy Ram. One of these features is the ability to find players to play tennis with. Definitely a cool product! Ah, the wonders of technology!

With advances in technology, a bunch of cool new ways have been created to find hitting partners. Most of the time, the good old-fashioned methods 1- 5 above will do. If you enjoyed this post and think it is worth sharing, please or on one of the share buttons on this post! For more awesome tips on how to improve your tennis game, download my free eBook, The Building Blocks of Tennis Success, by filling out the short form below!

Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where are all the tennis players hiding? Here is a list of 13 resources and tools you can use to find the perfect hitting partner: 1. Make Friends at Tournaments Tournaments are a great place to find similar and higher-level players who you can train with. Got Any Other Ideas? Related Posts. Leave a Reply 10 comments.

Seeking gftennis partner

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How To Find a Tennis Partner Near You