Married looking for female friend

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Just ask U. John McCain. He has firmly denied the relationship was anything other than simple friendship. In his case, the furor centered largely on whether the woman had special political access. In less high-profile cases, the reaction is focused more personally -- on whether a friendship is harming a marriage.

People have affairs, and they can begin in exactly this way. Men and women in opposite-gender friendships must tread carefully, behavior and psychology experts say. They also must remember which relationship comes first. We look for partners who are faithful. We look for friends who are loyal.

When men and women look for a mate, they look for someone who is similar to them in intelligence, attractiveness, worldview, values, height and weight. The trouble is, friends look for people who are similar in those ways as well. And the complication is often sexual attraction. Regardless of who is attracted to whom in the friendship, neither gender considers romantic interest a good thing among friends.

Women are twice as likely as men to report such attraction as a complication. The spouse may be onto something. That same study, which surveyed 1, young adults about poaching attempts, perceived costs and benefits, and personality characteristics of those who poach, found deliberate mate stealers have characteristics distinctly different from those who pursue romance in pools of available mates. On personality scales, those who set out to attract an already spoken-for person were disagreeable, unconscientious and unfaithful people who find it easy to talk about sex and see themselves as sexually attractive.

Those who are successfully targeted by poachers see themselves as extroverted, open to experience, attractive and unfaithful. Poachers and poachees, research has found, display a lack of empathy and morality and are neurotic. That disagreeable profile held up in international research involving nearly 17, people in 53 countries.

Research published in the April Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by an international team found the personality traits of people who try to steal the mates of others, as well as those who succumb, are universal. No wonder tongues cluck and fingers wag. Wary husbands and wives have an uneasy sense of the temptations out there, even if they trust their spouses. They just have to be careful, and use common sense.

They need to be ready to deflect temptation. Make eye contact with her. Crossing those lines fuels gossip. Worse, it can lead to the slippery slope of greater intimacy. Above all, says Stanley Charnofsky, therapist and psychology professor at Cal State Northridge, put your mate first.

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Married looking for female friend

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