I need a party girlfriend

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Useful links: 1 5. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 1. SO, my current GF.. We'll call her A. We moved into the same house in our second year of uni, she's 21, i'm 25 now. When we first met viewing the house i could never of imagined myself being with her, we seemed very different, and i formed an incorrect opinion about her. So we lived together for a year me, her, and 3 other blokes but didn't speak that much or hang out, then after a year the bloke who she was good friend with moved out, and she started coming and hanging out with me downstairs, watching stuff with me etc.

All of this over the course of a few months perhaps. BUT she said things to me like 'its good we can do this and dont fancy each other' - I didn't fancy her initially, but thought she fancied me as in my eyes what she was doing was serious flirting and my feelings started to develop for her.

Only thing is, in the beggining, she told me she didn't like me as any more than a friend. Even though she was spending pretty much every day cuddling up to me, she told me we were just friends. Oh actually, she once told me she wasn't sure how she felt about me, in the begginging, but later told me she only said that to make me feel 'good about myself'. But then told me it was true, then it wasnt then it was..

To try and cut it down a bit - Eventually we started kissing, and then one night we did stuff together, not sex but other stuff, and then later on she tells me she only did it to make me feel good about myself again. Basically on numerous occasions i would get different stories, sometimes she would say she did like me but not anymore because of my 'behavior', or she never liked me and did it because she felt sorry for me..

She would also lie to me all the time, about guys and going to parties and stuff, one night, a long way into it, she spent the day cuddling me as usual, and again we did sexual stuff together, and she was supposed to be going round a bloke mates house to watch a movie. I was uncomfortable with this, and she told me she didnt want to stay there and i could pick her up..

She then told me she is going to sleep round and that i'm controlling her, long story short, despite me begging her not to, she slept round there. And then the next morning i get a text saying something like 'you will be happy to know, i slept on the sofa even though it was really uncomfy and he offered me his bed'..

Caught her out and she admitted she did in fact sleep in his bed with him. I'm almost certain nothing happened, but still. Anyway i'm seriously going on here.. So fast forward, she goes back home when she finishes uni, i'm still here, and i go to visit her, and we officially get together even though we had been very close for a year and acting like gf and boyfriend for most of it.

Fast forward again - She went to a house party with her girl mate last weekend weekend i work. At this party, she chatted to this guy all night i think and then she added him on facebook, which i was annoyed about. She then posts on his wall, and they are sayin glad to meet you, good party etc, him giving her 2 kisses dunno if that means anything but still. Nothing to be too worried about i know. She then get's invited to a piss up in town next weekend by one of her other mates when i'm working and wont be down to see her and straight away she's inviting this new guy she's met along This guy doesn't know ANYONE going to this event apart from my gf, and as i say, she met him a few days ago he was a random bloke at a party, not a friend of anyone she knew, and now she's inviting him clubbing..

I seriously feel like it's completely inappropriate for a girlfriend or boyfriend to meet someone of the opposite sex at a party, add them on fb, then invite them out clubbing with their social group. But she thinks there's nothing wrong with it.. Even though when i say 'how would you feel if i did it' she tells me it's different because, and i quote "its different for men".

Also, not to long ago we had a huge argument about the fact, she wanted to come down to see me, and then on one of the two days a month she comes to see me, she wanted to go visit her guy mate the one who's bed she slept in , go round his house, and spend the whole day with him, even though she was coming here to see her bf.. Eventually she addmitted she was being unreasonable, then said she would only see him for 2 hours, but i still wasnt allowed to come.. Just mentioning that to show the kind of stuff she does.

So i really want to know what people opinions are.. Am i wrong here? Is it appropriate to do what she is doing? TLDR; My long distance GF met a bloke at a party, added him on facebook, then invited him to a clubbing night, with her friends not his. There is a lot more background than i've explained.. If anyone managed to read all this, fair play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, if i'm wrong, tell me! Not what you're looking for? TheRealDarthVader Badges: Report 8 years ago 2.

Does she have big tits or something? I can't quite get why you are with her. Report 8 years ago 3. No, I don't think you're wrong. She should really consider how you feel, it sounds like she doesn't care that much about your feelings although obviously I'm sure you do get along most of the time. And the excuse "it's different for guys" isn't really acceptable in my opinion. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 4. ForgettingWhatsername Badges: Report 8 years ago 5. Hunchey Badges: 0.

I need a party girlfriend

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My Girlfriend Parties All the Time — What Do I Do?