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Want to Read. Rate this book. It all started with seeing my best friend naked About his hot, hard body, with more muscles than any red-blooded woman could resist. And then we kissed, and it was hot. Hotter than it should have been. Series Curvy Girl Dating Agency 3. Characters Stone , Sophie. This edition Format s, Kindle Edition. Published October 16, Language English. More details. Piper Sullivan 91 books followers. Piper Sullivan is an old school romantic who enjoys reading romantic stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

She spends her time day-dreaming of dashing heroes and the feisty women they love. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 30 of 42 reviews. The female character started ok until it came to face the facts. Can't describe her better than a whiny bitch. Stone was such a genuine man, an unreal gentleman I'd say.

And he was right, she was selfish, even her friends saw that. He wanted it all and was brave enough to go for it, to fight. She wanted it but denied it so hard She was attracted to him but didn't want to risk their friendship for love and when he asked for space to move on, she wouldn't give it to him, kept forcing him to act like they used to be when it was impossible. Eventually, she caved on the physical attraction but fled again, next she wanted only sex from a man she knew was in love with her.

And all that time she whined about how he is to blame. She was forceful, selfish, a coward through and through. I couldn't even keep reading it before it came to their first real sexual encounter but I'm glad I pushed through because it made it clear she didn't deserve him but AT ALL. That's why I didn't finish reading the book because I knew they would end up together at the end and have a happily ever after she shouldn't have.

No rewards for cowards and whiny bitches! I hate myself for reading this volume first because I planned on reading others and now I'm put off. Still, I'm brave enough to try, unlike some people Sophie - the heroine. I'll add that I wouldn't want to have someone afraid to give love a try to be my matchmaker. A waste of money, it would be. We have another story to from the Curvy Girl Dating Agency and in this one we get to meet Sophie and Stone who have been best friends since kindergarten.

They are a team that are there fir one another no matter what. Stone has been in love with Sophie since high school and Sophie has put him in the friends only. Sophie has a family that treated her badly and she has a hard time with relationships so she does not want to lose her friendship with Stone by trying to have more with him.

One night Sophie sees Stone with his muscles and totally naked after showering at her place and her mind slowly has thoughts about Stone and her as more than friends. Stone takes a chance and tells Sophie he loves her and there is a shared kiss. Sophie is not shocked but does not want to give in for fear of losing their friendship. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Margaret Garrett. Stone has the patience of a saint! He's been banished to the friend's zone for so long, that it appeared that he would NEVER get himself out.

Waiting around until Sophie was ready for a committed relationship? Perhaps, but more like waiting for Sophie to grow up. Sorry to be hating on her, but Stone is such a keeper! Maybe it's the back and forth that makes their story so intriguing. With " His Curvy Best Friend," by Piper Sullivan, you can expect drama, angst, misunderstandings, break-ups, make-ups, some seriously laugh-out-loud moments, sexy scenes, and romance. A sexy, friends-to-lovers, that gives you all the feels. I received this book as an ARC from the author, and I volunteered this review.

Sophie works at the dating agency and has been best friends with Stone since high school!!! But when she had a crush on him, she couldn't find the words or the time to tell him. And when her family turned on her, she had Stone as her best friend always!!! But when she sees him in her house nearly naked, all those feelings start to come out, can she hide those feelings again? Does she want to? But when the first kiss happens, she knows she wants more and more, but are they ready? Stone has been in love with Sophie for as long as he can remember, but she has never returned his feelings and no woman can ever compare, are they both bound for the single life?

This story is a great addition to the series and is filled with love, lust, romance, and so much more!! You will love Stone and Sophie's story!! I received an ARC of this book from the author. Susanne M. Don't take life for granted 4. Sophie said Stone have been best friends since elementary school. One can't wait any longer to take the next step and the other is afraid if they do they'll loose each other. Overall quality of writing was really good.

There are a few glitches in proofreading that should be fixed. The part where you sit at the edge of your seat wondering if you will get a happy ever after, literally goes to the end. Although it ends on a happy note, these two deserved a wee bit more in an epilogue they didn't get. There are some steamy intimacy scenes, but no cheating or cliffhanger.

Stone has been waiting in the friend zone for years, because he hopes to win Sophie over when she is ready for more. Although of late it's starting to look like he should move on, for Sophie may never be able to give him what he needs, even though they have some fiery passion between them. Can he convince her to take a chance on them? Or will he be left brokenhearted and have to move on? I enjoyed this friends to lovers romance, I could feel the heat between them, and Stone is a real sweetheart and owns a few gyms, so he is in great shape , but sometimes I was a bit frustrated with Sophie.

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received, and giving my thoughts and opinions on it. Another outstanding story from Pilgrim. This time featuring Sophie, best friend of Stone. They have been best friends most of their lives and Stone has fallen in love with Sophie as they became adults.

However, Sophie is desperate to hold onto their friendship and not willing to risk a romantic involvement with Stone. Having rejected him she tells him to find a woman to spend his life with but as he starts to do just that, Sophie becomes jealous and torn between giving and not giving the two of them a chance. Great read as ever in this series with some humour and steam along the way. Read an ARC for an honest review. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. This is a wonderful friends to lovers romance, Stone and Sophie have been best friends since forever, Stone has loved her for nearly as long and Sophie has been so emotionally hurt by her family she doesn't trust love.

She's doesn't want to be another ex girlfriend to Stone but doesn't know how to explain her heart to him. Stone is a wonderful character, you really feel for him. Sophie I battled to like, she came across at times that only she mattered.

I'm glad that they finally got managed to work out their dramas and got the HEA that they both deserved. Pamela Mitchell. I loved every minute of this best friends to lovers romance with characters you feel like you know and root for and a beautifully written story that kept me mesmerized from beginning to end. I enjoyed the undeniable chemistry between Stone, owner of Stone Cold Fitness and Sophie, his best friend, closest confidante and woman of his dreams who has a matchmaking agency, Time for Love. If you enjoy well-crafted small town romance set in Pilgrim, Texas the home of women with curves and the men who can't get enough of them, don't miss "His Curvy Best Friend.

This is a great friends to lovers romance. Stone and Sophie have been friends forever but when they start admitting that they feel more than friendship their relationship hits some rocky ground. First a kiss, then a steamy hook-up le to a secret relationship that ends in fight. You can't help but wonder how Sophie runs a successful dating agency when she has so many commitment issues with Stone. There is lots to love in this book, so many great characters who will make you laugh or shake your head at their antics.

I look forward to more in this series. Patricia Anne Davis. Matchmaking for everyone else but to blind to see what was right in front of her! Sophie the last of our Matchmakers has had a friend relationship with her BFF since first grade. Her confident, her movie date night, you might say her everything. The story is so cute and funny at times, lots of wonderful characters, steamy sexy romance. I recommend you read this book and I give it a 5 Stars review. I enjoyed this read. Stone is in love with his best friend Sophie, and has been for several years.

Curvy fun friend

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