College girls need help

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Eyewitness News learned that hundreds of college students in Charlotte are connecting with older men online and agreeing to date them in exchange for money they can use toward tuition. More than 1, men in the Charlotte area are on the website seekingarrangement. There are also hundreds of local college students on the Sugar Babies website. She has been on the Seeking Arrangement website for a year and a half, dating older men in exchange for money.

She said she has encountered doctors and lawyers, and even some married men. She said most of the men just want companionship. Channel 9 Anchor Liz Foster asked her, "Have you had sex with people you've met on this website? Michelle was then asked what she would say to people who believe the site is a form of prostitution. Channel 9 reached out to the company and learned that Michelle is one of hundreds of local college students on the website.

More than students at UNC Charlotte are on the site, and nearly a quarter of them ed up last year. Fourteen website members go to Queens University. Ten students at Davidson College are on the site and three at Johnson C.

Smith University. Michelle said her primary reason for ing is to get help with tuition. She makes more money for more time and has even traveled out of state with men. She said she takes precautions to stay safe, including using an app that generates fake phone s and always telling a friend where she will be.

Michelle said she plans to stay on the website after graduation in case she needs to make extra money. Tuition costs for local colleges:. Johnson C. top trending stories on wsoctv. College girls connecting with older men online to help with tuition.

College girls need help

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